Pros and Cons of Curly Hair

When I’m out and about, just doing my own thing, I can guarantee that I will be stopped at least once by a random person asking me about my hair. These random stops usually lead into a small conversation that almost always ends the same way: “You are very lucky to have curly hair.”

And I agree

I do feel very lucky to have my crazy, kinky locks. It’s bold, it’s different, it’s…a struggle. But with every hair type there are pros and cons; curly hair just has funnier pros and cons.  Tall N Curly talks about the highs and lows of curly hair through the use of a cartoon. I HIGHLY recommend you check out her blog to see the funny cartoon, but here are a few of my pros and cons of being born with curly hair.


Every girly likes to be different. I love standing out, and I do with my bright strawberry blonde twisted locks. I’m truly one of a kind. Just like a snowflake, no two curlies are alike. It makes a girl feel special.


Since curly hair is so different, not every hair stylist knows how to care for or style curly hair. The outside world doesn’t understand your styling method, the reason why you use twice as much conditioner as you use shampoo, or the “skip-wash” day. People just don’t understand curly hair. And back to how hair stylists don’t know how to tame the curls, this can often lead to horrible (and I mean HORRIBLE) hair cuts and low self-esteem.

PRO: You don’t have to style EVERY DAY

With curly hair, it’s actually damaging to wash, or at least shampoo, your hair everyday. Hence the “skip-wash” day. I personally love this day because I literally get to wake up, fluff the curls and I’m done. That means my morning routine is cut in half, which means I get to sleep in (and for a college student, that is heaven).

CON: Styling takes ALL DAY

With my curly hair being so thick and long, it takes a GOOD amount of gel (not mousse) to fully coat my hair, and takes ALL DAY to dry. I’m not kidding. If I wake up at 6:30am and shower/condition/style my hair by 7am, my hair will be completely dry by 7pm. The struggle is real, especially during the winter.

PRO: Curly hair is VERSATILE

There is so much one can do with curly hair, so many styles that look amazing with curly locks. You can work with your natural curl pattern, you could create bigger curls with a curling iron, you could straighten it. The best hing about my hair is that it can hold and maintain a style. When taken care of properly, it’s strong, healthy, and just plain beautiful. If you do work with your natural curls, you can put it up in a messy bun, a cute half-up, or pretty braids. (Curly hair and braids are BEST FRIENDS)


Every girl can tell you that their hair has a mind of its own; times that by ten when you’re talking about curly hair. Sometimes the only thing my hair will do for me is a bun, and not a cute Tumblr messy bun, but a “I just woke up looking like a hobo” bun. It’s a hit or miss with curly hair.

I could go all day about pros and cons of curly hair, but these are just a few that always stick out to me. If you have any pros and cons about curly hair, or just agree with the ones I’ve listed, feel free to comment!


Curly Fri


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